Dining Room

  • Quick View Hanging Planter Lights, white Rs.3,200
    In Stock
    Ships in 1 - 3 Days
    Hanging planter lights or Garden Pendants/domes are an excellent choice when it come to having a indoor gardens. You can create an nature with in your homes with few of these hanging pendants from lightbazaar. It is also called the Babylon light and p…
  • Quick View Philips Suspension Light QPG302 Rs.6,383
    In Stock
    Ships in 4 - 6 Days
    With a touch of class, patterned after the fashion of William Morris on premium sandblasted glass, this ornamental light illuminates your living room as a suspension,…
  • Quick View Philips Ceiling Light 34164 Rs.6,500
    In Stock
    Ships in 2 - 3 Days
    The Philips Luxice synthetic ceiling light in White adds a touch of class to your rooms as it provides a uniform, long lasting LED light source which comes with step dimming for easy control of light intensity …
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